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Re: "Individuals will have to wait" NYT Article

I find it hard to believe that my one letter will have any
effect, but I am hopeful in any event:

I would urge ICANN to add a group representing individual
interests to their board. There are several outstanding
reasons for doing so. I would like to present just three 
of those reasons.  First, I am certain that most mom and
pop businesses begin as personal endeavours and some may
even continue to operate as such. If there is no group
able to voice the concerns of indiviudal users, ICANN may
intentionally or unintentionally erect barriers to the 
development and progress of these types of businesses.

Second, as I understand it, one of the main objectives of
your ogranization is to set forth guidelines for domain
name disputes. Individuals have every right to names that
don't infringe on another individual's, group's or businesses's
copywritten or trademarked names. With no group representing
individuals, that perspective may not sufficiently be 
represented. This could possibly lead to the kind of litigation
that you would like to avoid. 

Third, as many have noted, the interenet was borne from individuals,
its popularity and success, its growth is all due to individual
users. If ICANN is truly concerned with fair appropriation of
any of the internet resources, I have to think that as a group,
individuals at least deserve a garaunteed voice!

Garikai Campbell
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Swarthmore College