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WHOIS problems and ICANN


	As a Internet Web site developer, I as SHOCKED and sickened to find
that since ICANN has "opened up" the registration of secondary domain names
to other companies besides NSI, there appears to be NO centralized WHOIS
	Now that Register.com is being allowed to register secondary domain
names along with NSI, developers such as myself are forced to check
MULTIPLE WHOIS directories (separate WHOIS lookups for EACH registrar) when
attempting to determine if a domain name has been registered, and by whom.
NSI's WHOIS doesn't contain Register.com's information, and vice-versa.

	This is an intolerable situation that I'm surprised you allowed to
occur. WHY don't you insist that registrars SHARE WHOIS information? How
long will it be before developers such as myself are forced to check 4, 6,
10+ WHOIS directories just to determine the status of a ".com" domain name?

Patrick Beart, owner

patrick@WebArchitecture.com       503-558-8322      Clackamas(Portland), OR
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