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Cybersqatting Policy

In regards to your current ruling in Santiago, Chile that ICANN will begin to strip away domains away from so called cybersqatting domain holders is not only ridiculous but will only leads to mass turmoil with the ISP community.

With all the current judgements of domains treated as trademark infringement being ruled that a domain name is considered property as in the case of UMBRO.COM, and the other ruling in a San Francisco Federal court in regards to MOVIEBUFF.COM as the rightful property of the current domain holder, pokes large holes into your insistence on stripping away domains from current domain holders.

First and foremost, with these current rulings in mind, ICANN will be stripping away legal property from its rightful owners, and therefore you will become a huge target (As well as Network Solutions and other newly accredited registers) of mass class action lawsuits from the previous owners of the domains in which you will usurp. I don't believe any domain register will want any part of any mass litigation which will jeopardize their profitability as well as alienating current paying clientele. It is also been brought to light that ICANN is also in financial trouble and would possibly become bankrupt in the event of any mass litigation.

For the sake of common sense, why should an individual or company be penalized for being an entrepreneur, and using their talents to excel in an extremely competitive marketplace. That would be like telling Albert Einstein he must take all school grade classes in order just because all the other students in his classes were not as gifted as himself. It appears as though the capitalistic spirit of ICANN it truly trying to usurp the freedoms of the masses in order to appease the never ending thirst of big business. If this is the way ICANN visualizes saving itself from bankruptcy by pleasing pending monopolies like Cisco Systems and MCI WorldCom, in which ICANN has taken donations from, the message is clear that ICANN and has now become officially corrupted by big business and will now have to punish all creative spirit of the ambitious individual.


Richard Kras
President, Lucent Web Creations
President, Synetrix Communications