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Re: [IFWP] ICANN's orientation


Of course if would be appropriate to correct the wording on the
ICANN web site. But you know this has nothing to do with ICANN's

Or maybe from now on you will also complain whenever you see a US 
phone number written without the US country prefix, saying that this
is an affront to all other countries, and accusing the author of
having an entirely US-centric agenda?



"A.M. Rutkowski" wrote:
> ICANN's web site prominently advertises:
>   To register a domain name, please
>   contact one of the ICANN Accredited
>   Registrars listed here.
> Of course, those registrars for the
> most part, only register in 3 of
> the 250 Top Level Domain zones in
> the legacy root of interest to ICANN.
> Questions:
> 1. Isn't is rather skewed to be promoting
> only these three domains?
> 2. Isn't this an affront to all the country
> domain registrars and country oriented domain
> communities worldwide?
> 3. Doesn't this represent a restraint of trade?
> Shouldn't ICANN be promoting all Internet names
> of any kind and in any root equally - instead
> of only those sold by their own "accredited
> registrars?"
> --tony

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