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Shaw revision notice.


I am following up on that Shaw situation where Roberto Shaw in his
capacity as the ICANN GAC representative of the ITU did call our PCCF
spies for the NSI.  I'm sure were all familiar with this saga, so without
further to-do's I shall proceed to provide those people here with an

The parliament of canada - opposition are reviewing Mr. Shaw's
participation in this whole mess.  I've also been very happy with the
support we've gotten from the government of canada civil service.

As a result of our Shaw "No were not spies" Information Campaign some
personal details on Mr. Shaw have come to light - so to speak.  Apart from
the fact that Mr. Shaw and Mr. Sola made the official canada reps.
uncomfortable, to the point where they left the party - embarrassed.  I
guess the spirits did it to them.  Sorry - inside Shaw joke here.

In any event, the one thing we have discovered about Mr. Shaw makes the
whole ICANN/GAC thing a bit of a joke.  Mr. Shaw's claim to fame at the
ITU is that he installs microsoft computers on lans.  This makes him their
lan administrator.  Now - I don't understand how a lan administrator ends
up being making internet policy and law on the gac.  But it's becoming
clear that the level of competence is missing in the ITU GAC rep.

As a result of these revelations, we are postponing our official protest
to the secretary general of the itu, and will be considering instead
extending our complaint by means of soliciting support of the ITU

Whoever is in charge of the decision to put Shaw in the GAC, or give him
any responsibilities of whatever importance, has in short made a grand
boo boo.  Of course we will be sharing that, but we must first have a
meeting in which to consider Mr. Shaw.

Just letting everyone know in advance that these new events will be
delaying our official response on the Shaw file.  We'll keep you posted on
any changes to the script.

Joe Baptista

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           baptista@pccf.net
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           1 (212) 894-3704 ext. 1033