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Around or Over

I have two questions:

   Can't we just ignore them?  I mean, why can't major ISPs simply establish
a decentralized DNS administration that circumvents ICANN/NSI?  It would take
some time for everyone to buy in, of course, but are there any legal or real
technical factors that prevent that working?

   Can't we go over their heads?  If DNS is a pyramid with NSI at it's tip
and .com, .org, and .net right beneath it, can't a separate DNS be established
as the tip of a pyramid with NSI right below it and everybody else alongside?

   I can't believe in this day and age that a central committee of power-sotted
academicians is strangling Internet growth.  .com, .org and .net are just
TEXT FIELDS IN A TABLE for goodness' sake, but squatters are defrauding
millions of dollars because ICANN/NSI/Internic is keeping the "territory"
artificially small.

   Can't we all just get along... without them?