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Domain Name suggestion


In reading a recent article about domain names and the agreements
reached with NSI something came to mind.
In this article it suggested new domain name suffixes; org, net etc.

Consider This:

Domain Name suffixes that represent certain types of businesses or
Wheras several domain names are currently held by an organization and
tying up both name and perhaps net space, an organization would be
restricted to a domain name and location that is representative of its
type of business or for personal web pages for example www.space.per.
per denoting that it is a personal web site under the name space. This
may also help search Engines to narrow searches by net suffix.
I note that this is already done under edu. for education organizations
or gov for goverment.

This will open up great possibilities and function like area codes that
can steer web users more specifically to where they want to go and a
user could easily look at the suffix and determine what type of site it
Adult sites could listed under adu. so web browsers can be easily
adjusted by parents to not access those sites.
In this case sites that are not properly listed can be removed or
blocked, or worst case fined
Many sites would have to be re-registered to proper catagorize them but
the end result would be a better system and an easier to use one too.
With this format there would not be such a rush to stay with .com but to
get where they would be best represented.

we are not in the domain name business nor plan to, however we drew this
conclusion and felt that someone should be made aware.
The Internet would be much more organized.

Seems like a good idea here.


Keith C. Le Febvre
K L Research Inc.