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Will I get justice?

October 5, 1999


I have been cheated twice and I have the proofs with me! This American
company of international repute is cheating the world on the net! I can
prove it. I know of one more such case other than myself !
I am in Mumbai, India
Where do I seek justice?

Here is the case in brief :
 I reserved the domain name "interior-world.com" with Network Solutions
and pay $119 for 2 yrs by credit card. They accept this after confirming

that this
domain name is available! Then after deducting the amount from your
credit card
they say that they will let us know if this domain name is registered by

somebody else or not!
I check it myself on the net it does not exist.
After a few hours, I check out the same domain name and find a new site
using that domain name!
I eventually find out it has been registered by networksolutions today
Everybody knows that one can earn millions of dollors by registering a
good domain name on the net.
Last week same thing had occured with me on one more domain name -
" interior-architect.com"
After confirming the registeration process completion I was informed
the request has been rejected and no reason given when on their records
too it is still registered on my name! They are not releasing my url to
Register.com for url fowarding to my web site.
What do I do? Where do I seek justice?

Mahindra Chawla- architects & interior designers
Mumbai, India.
email: mahindrachawla@usa.net