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Re: [IFWP] AT&T and Rick White and ICANN - the fix is in fwd with jamie Love's permission

Gordon Cook wrote:
> Rick white will be the fixer for Icann and the one to reassure every
> member of congress....
> >"Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" <mcade@att.com> on 10/07/99 04:08:50 PM
> >Rick White, former Republican Congressman, Washington, has been
> >nominated
> >by
> >Jerry Berman for the ICANN Board seats to be elected by the Names
> >Council.

Rick White, who isn't a member of the DNSO, cannot be nominated and
elected to the ICANN Board. If he could, then anyone in the world
could, as well.

There is no "individuals constituency" of the DNSO. That's what the
Board has said. Therefore there can be no individual candidates for
the Board.

If the NC is going to entertain the candidacy of Rick White, it must
do so for Jamie Love, Ralph Nader, or, for that matter, anyone else
in the world, including movie stars, rap singers, etc.

American politicians who are not stakeholders in this process cannot
be ICANN Board members. Period.

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