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Summary Notes from NAMES

After almost a month's worth of discussions,
a Harvard Law class list has generated much
controversy between ICANN's president and
council, and several of its many critics.

First, Mike Roberts, president of ICANN, admitted
that a certain business model would not be considered
by ICANN, in direct contradiction to the ICANN By-Laws.

Then, Joe Sims, corporate counsel to ICANN, became
abusive after he was questioned on ICANN's processes
to date, or rather, lack thereof.

This latest episode started as the result of a discussion
about consensus, and the reasons why voting is not wanted
within ICANN.  That's when David Post, a respected legal
scholar from Temple University, agreed that this ICANN
board "has manipulated the definition of consensus in
rather egregious ways"!

Now, Joe is trying to direct the conversation away
from past excesses, and towards the new action items
on his agenda.

ICANN critics, however, know that this is just a
distraction, as the excesses of the past have resulted
in an ICANN that is already captured.  This can be seen
in the current power structures within the various
Supporting Organizations, and the bogus processes they
are using to elect the first batch of ICANN board

Frankly, I'm grateful to Harvard for creating a forum
where the critics of ICANN can finally get some answers
from the ICANN board!  If you'd like to monitor the
action, please check out the public newsgroup at:


Jay Fenello,
New Media Relations
http://www.fenello.com  770-392-9480