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Re: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair

Mr. Auerbach and Everybody,

  I must disagree with You Mr. Auerbach.  Some 400 folks have been
specifically denied to join the GA.  As such the claim of the need
to "Outreach" rings very hollow.  As you know, I as well as others
that are members are denied to voice our opinions on the DNSO GA
and any other DNSO list to date.  This has been so sense Aug. 7th
of this year.  Despite several requests for correcting this problem it has
yet to be addressed.  I can only find than, that the DNSO and ICANN
is actively practicing gerrymandering and likely is in direct violation of
the White Paper as well as the MoU, and may be in violation of the
1st Amendment.

Karl Auerbach (by way of Joseph Friedman ) wrote:

>  > Is there any screening currently on who can join the GA, that this is even
>  > an issue?
> As far as I know anybody can sign up.  It's a matter of encouraging people
> who have an interest to actually take the time and exert the effort.
>                 --karl--


Brian C. Hollingsworth
Sr. Legal Advisor, International House of Justice Internet
Communications  Affairs and Policy
Advisory council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy, European