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Registrars - and domain "service"

Dear Sirs;
    This note is to express extreme displeasure with the current status of Domain Name Service with US "Accredited Registrars" and Network Solutions, Inc.  With the advent of these "registrars" of domain names such as "Register.com" and Network Solution's "WorldNic",  ISP's and webhosts often are unable to provide professional level Domain administration service. 

   These problems are becoming more and more frequent as people are led to believe they must use services such as "Register.com" and "WorldNic" to register domain names. The incredibly cumbersome systems these "registrars" use to manage domains make it difficult, if not impossible, for the client or their ISP to transfer domains for service.  This is an unacceptable standard of practice brought about by these companies that use their positions as "registrars" to funnel domains and clients to specific webhosting companies. 

    E Street Communications, Inc., a webhost and ISP in Denver CO, has lost numerous customers to these practices.  We will continue to voice our displeasure of the practices of companies such as "Register.com" and "WorldNic", et al.  We will also continue to document each occurrence for potential future action against the these companies. 
   Hopefully some fairness and reason will descend on this business before companies such as ourselves are forced out of business by these unscrupulous practices that are being enabled and condoned by ICANN.

                Tim Otterbein
                Director Web Services
                E Street Communications, Inc