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So far, I am extremely disappointed in the functionality of the
distributed registrar structure. My biggest complaint is the absence of a
centralized whois database. If a domain is registered through other
registrars, I have no way to track down who owns it. To even verify if a
domain is already registered, I have to try to submit a request to
register it. This really needs to be fixed. A centralized whois database
is imperative. 

Also, the only registrar (besides Network Solutions) that I have dealt
with is register.com, and I have to say their procedures for making
changes to a domain are very strange. If an administrative email contact
attached to a domain registered through them no longer exists, then there
is no efficient way to make changes to the domain.

I also believe that no matter which registrar a particular domain was
originally registered through, we should be able to make changes to it by
submitting a request to any other registrar.

I hope that the current state of the domain registration is not indicative
of the future. It is much too fragmented to be of any real use.

Thank you.

Noah Sutherland       System Administrator - Internet On-Ramp

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