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Re: Call for Meeting Sponsors

Andrew and all,

  It is indeed that these announcements continue to spew forth
such false statements as characterizing the ICANN as a
"Bottom-up" determined organization.  However I am sure
that such fantasy's are prevalent amongst the ICANN BoD

Andrew McLaughlin wrote:

> During the week of November 1, 1999, the Internet Corporation for Assigned
> Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be holding its first annual meeting in Los
> Angeles, USA.  Over the course of four days, hundreds of individuals from
> around the globe will gather to participate in the bottom-up policymaking
> processes that constitute ICANN.
> Among the numerous groups holding meetings that week will be:
>     - ICANN Board of Directors (including newly elected Directors)
>     - Domain Name Supporting Organization
>         - Names Council
>         - General Assembly
>         - Constituencies (Business, Non-Commercial, ISPs, Registrars,
> Trademark & IP, gTLD registries, ccTLD registries)
>         - Various working groups
>     - Ad hoc group to study future policies in the area of numbering
>     - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and country code top-level
> domain administrators
> Foremost on the agenda will be the recently proposed tentative agreements
> among ICANN, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and Network Solutions, Inc.
> <http://www.icann.org/agreements.htm>, and the creation of ICANN's At Large
> Membership and election structures.  In addition, ICANN will be welcoming
> nine newly-elected Directors to the Board.
> This email is an appeal to interested companies, associations, and
> organizations to contribute to the success of these meetings by sponsoring
> (1) temporary equipment loans, and/or (2) a reception or coffee break.
> In order to make the ICANN meetings fully accessible to all interested
> people around the globe, ICANN has committed to provide realtime multimedia
> webcasts with remote participation functionality.  (See, for example, the
> multimedia archive from ICANN's Santiago meetings in August
> <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/santiago/archive>).  The webcasts
> require a significant amount of on-site equipment.
> Specifically, ICANN is seeking temporary loans of the following equipment
> for approximately one week (October 31 to November 5):
>      - 6 large monitors (17", 19", or 21")
>      - 1 small monitor (15")
>      - 1 Laser printer for auditorium
>      - 1 Laser printer for Board/staff room
>      - 1 Windows PC with Ethernet adapter & web browser
>      - 1 or 2 Windows PCs, running Windows NT or Win98
> If your company could spare one or more of the above items for that week, it
> would make a significant contribution to ICANN's efforts to be transparent
> and accessible to Internet users around the world.  All loaned equipment
> will be used at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel and will be returned healthy.
> In addition, ICANN is seeking corporate or organizational sponsors for
> several receptions and coffee breaks.  These events are important vehicles
> for the forging of personal relationships among ICANN's growing global
> community of techies and engineers, businesses and businesspeople,
> individual users, researches, and others.  ICANN plans to host two evening
> receptions (11/2/99 and 11/3/99) and at least one set of coffee breaks
> (11/2/99).  The cost to sponsor a reception is $5,000.  The cost for a set
> of coffee breaks is $2,000.
> ICANN will of course gratefully acknowledge and highlight the support of its
> sponsors.
> If your company or organization is interested in helping to sponsor a
> temporary equipment loan, reception, or coffee break, please contact Andrew
> McLaughlin <mclaughlin@icann.org>.


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