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A case of Highway Robbery

Title: Glacier
I would like to begin this by stating that I’m not usually the type that sends letters.  However, the frustration and problems I have encountered over the last couple of years has lead me to this desperate plea for help!
Since the market was opened to the addition to new registrars, I have used register.com and have found it to be the best and easiest way for maintaining my domain information.
When I purchased my first domains, there was no other option but to use Network Solutions and I am now stuck with their antiquated, convoluted and useless system. Attempting to change even the most basic of contact information through their outdated system results in long delays, mishandled requests and general (sometimes overwhelming) irritation.  I’m not even going to go into the difficulty that one is faced with just trying to find the method to institute these changes or their website. 
I know, for a fact, that I am not alone in this.  I’ve worked as a programmer for my entire adult life and have many colleagues who have experienced the same problems.  As I mentioned, I now use register.com, which is proof in fact that a usable, easily accessible solution is possible.
I’m writing to you because as ICANN, you should be able to implement or mandate a solution to assist Network Solutions in providing intuitive access to our domain information.  Just because a company has enough money to become a registrar, it should not be enough.  They are taking millions of dollars from users every year and still not providing even the most basic of access solutions to their customer’s information.  The only change, improvement or upgrade they have made to their interface since their beginning was solely cosmetic, with the exception of removing the ftp download.
Is there anyone that can look at this situation and assist all of the people virtually being held captive by Network Solutions and their monopolistic attitude toward its customers?

Mark K Hebert
770-975-1116 Pager 770-571-2451


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