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Domain Theft

I was told by a customer service rep at Network Solutions that you guys are
the 'Internet Police'. Nothing on your website indicates this, so I am just
sending you an e-mail.

This morning I, as technical contact, got notice that someone had stolen a
domain that I look after. The domain is WEB800.COM.  Someone masquerading
as Sandra Nomer, the President of Fortune 800 (the Administrative Contact
for the domain), submitted a domain change form to Network Solutions, and I
was notified after the fact. I had quite a bit of difficulty contacting
Network Solutions by phone, but finally did, and meanwhile the change went
through. I was told that in a case like this, my returning the notify
e-mail with a 'NO' would cause no action. Why do a 'notify-after' if it has
no effect?

More importantly, I would like to see someone go after this guy. Someone
with NIC handle SSB114, and apparent company Shadow Station is involved,
perhaps the primary culprit. The name given of Staion Shadow is almost
certainly phony. I can provide more details. We are getting it reverted
with Network Solutions, but this should not have been so easy, and I would
like to see some sort of policing for this kind of crime.

If you are not the 'cops' for this case, please let me know who is.

Thank you,