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Gap in Clinton's Speech!?

I was watching the replay of President
Clinton's speech to the WTO on C-SPAN,
and I noticed an obvious cut in the

I found that curious.  Since when does
C-SPAN edit its coverage of presidential

Today, I noticed a similar gap in the
transcripts of his speech!


While other international organizations have sought and not shied from 
public participation, when that has happened public support has grown. If 
the W.T.O. expects to have public support grow for our endeavors, the 
public must see, and hear, and in a very real sense actually join in the 
deliberations. That's the only way they can know the process is fair and 
know their concerns were at least considered. We've made progress since I 
issued this challenge in Geneva last year. But I believe there's more work 
to be done, from opening the hearing-room doors to inviting in a more 
formal fashion public comment on trade disputes.

. . .

The sooner the W.T.O. opens up the process and lets people representing 
those who are outside in, the sooner will see fewer demonstrations, more 
constructive debate and a broader level of support in every country for the 
direction that every single person in this room knows that we ought to be 
taking into the 21st century. So we can do it a little bit now and a little 
bit later. We can drag our feet or we can run through an open door.

Can anyone explain what's going on?


Jay Fenello,
New Media Relations
http://www.fenello.com  770-392-9480

"We are creating the most significant new jurisdiction
we've known since the Louisiana purchase, yet we are
building it just outside the constitution's review."
   --  Larry Lessig, Harvard Law School, on ICANN