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Global Resource Bank

Dear Icann,

Thank you for registering your organization with the Global Resource Bank.

The GRB is a growing network of people and organizations who recognize the
need for a sustainable future. In time your organization will have the
potential to reach billions of online shareholders.

We recommend that you also register as a shareholder. This entitles you to
a start-up balance of 15,000 GRB credits. You can experience the Bank's
features by transferring credits from your Shareholders' Account to your
Commercial Account.

You will automatically receive a copy of our bimonthly newsletter
'G R B n e w s' which will keep you in touch with developments.

To the success of life on Earth,

John Pozzi, GRB Manager <jpozzi@worldnet.att.net>
Frances Fox, GRB Assistant Manager <ffox@thegrid.net>
Paul Swann, GRB Communications Manager <pswann@easynet.co.uk>