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Governance Vacuum?

A recurrent theme expressed by the ICANN has been that its role is a very
limited one. To those who've shown immense concern over a perceived lack of
openness and democratic process, the ICANN response has been, "It's just
names and numbers, what are you getting so excited about?" To those who have
seen the ICANN evolving into a general governance body, the response has
been "World government, us, what have you been smoking?"

After a year of operation what Internet functions have you found to be
outside the scope of the ICANN's charter?

Are these functions in need of governance?

If so, what mechanism(s) would board members feel appropriate to provide
this oversight / coordination / governance?

What role will the ICANN play in detailing and fostering their

If not ICANN, which organization would initiate these? Commerce? Congress?


Thomas Lowenhaupt
The Comunisphere Project