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[Fwd: Interoperability]

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We have registered the domain name:


with Namesecure  as of 10-16-1999. It was purchased, registered, and parked with them until our new DSL access with Concentric  was operational.

As of today, w more than 1 month of propagation time, we still do not appear in your database of registered domain names.

Furthermore, after having thought that we successfully transferred the hosting of the domain name to Concentric, we attempted to implement our domain name based new e-mail addresses on all of the workstations at our office.  It failed.

It appears that your WHOIS engine has no record of   fpclf.org, although it does show that  the name is not available. It does not have the name of the owner, DNS etc.

This situtation should never have happened.  A single universal database of domain name servers should exist--there should not be a delay of a month or more. Propagation delay is no excuse for this failure for our domain name to appear in WHOIS.

The waste of time and money that this is causing is extremely frustrating. I don't know who is truly to blame, although I suspect the blame may belong to a number of different business entities. You can be sure that we are going to complain to the relevant regulating agencies. In the meantime please do whatever you can to correct this problem.

Here is our information:



Catherine Mau-Kula
Business Manager
First Presbyterian Church, Lake Forest

Dan S. Tong
Tong Computer Consulting

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JPEG image

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