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company names

I heard the piece on ICann on NPR a few days ago.  It seem there's a dilemma 
with large, well-known corporations wanting sole use of their name for their 
websites.  While I understand the sentiment, it seems unfair that those 
individuals or small businesses currently using these names should have to 
surrender that right since they were fortunate enough to beat them to the 
punch.  I would like to offer a possible solution to this problem:  why not 
suggest (or demand if necessary) that the website currently using the name 
have a link somewhere clearly visible upon entering the site, to the website 
of the major corporation.  In other words, if Veronica (as was the case in 
the article) is being used to access Archie comics (which seems a little 
far-fetched to me, but then I'm not a fan), allow the family to keep the web 
address but have a clearly visible link to 'www.archiecomics.com on the home 

I suggest this because I'm a little tired of big business running roughshod 
over the rest of society and feel there has to be a better solution than 
having your web address ripped out from under you simply because someone 
wealthier and better known wants use of it.  If the judgement can be made by 
ICann, maybe you should think of alternatives.  If not, you can at least 
suggest them to the appropriate decision-makers.