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Dear Sirs
I wonder if you could help me .The problem I have is I bought and paid
for domain name which was free at the time cunard.com from amail.co.uk Oct
16-1999,I had confirmation that the processing would take 5mins to
24hours,also recieved invoice for vat purposes.After 4 weeks I checked who
is and found no registation but the name was taken.When checking who is nov-
17- 1999 I noticed cunard line had registered the name 16-nov-1999.When I
contacted amail they said carmelnet.com had bought this the night I bought
it.This is very strange,when I asked why cunard line was registered on
16-11-1999 and carmelnet was not registered,amail said that cunard.com must
have been sold or transferred to cunard line( I found out from carmelnet that this was a lie , they never bought the name).How do I stand in this legally,amail did not tell
me how they found out carmelnet.com had bought cunard.com  All this is very
confusing,I was never told about this by amail they just took my money and I
had to complain to them.They offered to pay my money back but this is not
acceptable.Please would you advise or check the original registration date
of cunard.com
Amail are not responding to my e-mails.


James Miles