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[Membership] Re: [ifwp] Polling [was IFWP Mailing List]

At 00:20 1/02/99 -0800, Einar Stefferud wrote:
>I have some serious problems with the propose polling questions below.
>The problem si that they deal with lower level details while the
>higher level meta issues regarding common values have not yet been
>touched.  So, the cart is in front of the horse here.
>Also, the poll does not alow for enough choices, such as "NONE OF THE
>ABOVE", and do not allow for comments to be inserted to qulify
>In short, it is much to limited in band width.  We shodul be able to
>say something about why YES or why NO, or why SOMETHING ELSE?
Hello Stef,

I have tried to overcome these concerns on my polling site
It is possible to qualify a choice, to comment on it or to propose a
rephrased question.
Questions that are to stark for a simple yes/no or for/against can be
graded for a respondent's preference (scales of 1 to 10, 1 to 100 and _5 to

I think it will give us an instrument to measure the consensus or at least
the majority opinion.
At the moment the questions are posted in the "free area".

If you want I can make an area for electors with an ORSC username and a
"voters" password. (not intended for security, just for separation)

Can you use a tool like this?