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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership

a@help.org wrote:
> Thanks ... but no thanks.  I don't need someone telling me what is
> 'acceptable' to me.  The only thing I consider unacceptable is people trying
> to censor free speech and block others from getting domain names.  Internic
> is already way out of line with their domain censoring.  I suspect none of
> this would stand up to a court challenge.

DEar Russ
I agree with you and your desire of free speech and the right for any
one to own his/her domain name.  HOwever, I am deadly against
profiteering and speculation in domain names as it is distruptive ,
harmful and non productive for any business.  Thus as long as we have
rules that disallow any sales of domain names I am OK with all the
freedom we want to have in regards to domain names.
I figure that if there is no profit to be derived then the problem of
speculation will go away.
Best regards.
> I don't understand some people on this list who seek to control the Internet
> based on their own person beliefs or feelings.  People don't like it when
> they see a domain for sale so they automatically want ICANN to outlaw the
> practice (this would put ICANN in the position of telling people that they
> could not sell something that belongs to them).  Now you want ICANN to start
> telling people they can't register domain names because you don't like
> something about it.
> I would look to ICANN to protect these rights, not violate them.  Their job,
> as I see it, is to administer the domain system ... not 'rule and control'
> it.  If they did start trying to do these things they would probably end up
> in all sorts of litigation.
> Russ Smith
> http://consumer.net
> >I can't see someone in BOSTON ruling and controlling a Domain name
> ...
> >I know freedom of naming is controversial - but there are some names that
> are
> >not acceptable to people in the US that would have no meaning in TIBET.
> >thanks
> >steve witkin

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