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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership

Mr LIM: Sorry: it was really directed at Russ. However,. you are affected by
my comments.

I do not believe that a single group of people should dictate assignment of
domain names. I believe there are cultural differences that enter the picture.
I also believe that there needs to be some restraint as to domain names.
Names should not be allowed to be issued that would offend you or me as an

In many of the States in the US, includiing California- the issuance of
liscence plates is controlled to remove a mixture of letteres or words that
have sexual, or ethnic considerations.

This may be a freedom of speech issue but it is also a freedom of what I see

Domain names are also bought by lValue added businesses ( including russ's).
They are not bought for speculation but as a valu added service. 
thanks steve witkin