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Re: [Membership] ICANN, MAC and membership@icann.org: WHY IT ISN'T WORKING

To answer your question way below....

The purpose is to raise arguments and objections, gather experiences and
points of view,  explore ideas, points and counterpoints. Then, by the time
the INitial Board has to make a decision, the pros and cons of each approach
to membership, and the support they have gathered, should be well-known and

Esther Dyson

At 10:10 AM 06/02/99 -0500, Joseph LeBaron wrote:
>Diane Cabell wrote:
>The consensus is that the At Large membership should extend beyond the
>Category of domain holders.
>Joop Teernstra wrote:
>Diane and all,
>With all due respect: whose consensus? I recall the requirement for the MAC
>members to be ready to work in a fishbowl environment of transparency. Apart
>from your own postings, there has been very little evidence of other MAC
>members involving themselves in the debate....
>	I have been following this list for some time now.  I find the posts lively
>and informed.   But for what purpose are the posts? If it is to vent,
>membership@icann.org is a wonderful forum.  If, however, the purpose is to
>participate in the deliberations and decisions of ICANN, well, then, that
>seems to be an entirely different matter.
>	I don't know about the others posting here, but I often feel that I am on
>the playing field while ICANN and MAC leadership quietly observe from the
>stands, picking what they wish to watch, ignoring what they wish.  And, at
>the end of day, deciding what they wish.
>	I agree with Joop Teernstra.  This is not transparency.  This is not
>participation.  It appears to be a charade.
>	I hope I'm wrong; ICANN is involved in such important work.

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