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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership


If I have it backwards, how do you anticipate that the structure would respond
to my concerns or concern of others? How would structure change in response to
experience and dynamics of experience?

In the realworld, there are structurs that are non-responsive, in flexible or
just don't give a darn.

A couple of examples - i had a boss owner of small company 50-100 - HIS
expressed philosophy  was MY WAY or HIGHWAY. - he had a point as it was
literally his mopney - except it really was his people that were making his
business a success.

US - we have a senate 2 folks from each state and a house base on percentage
of popu;ation. This was a structure negotiated before formalization in
recognition of problems. there are others - But DON't please cast something in
concrete that we can't reasonably expect to chang. in fact as I read other
comments- it appears that the appointes boards and harvard cinsultant folk are
already doing the controlling
thanks steve witkin