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Re: Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic of ICANN?


You mean if tomorrow , i want to buy a domain name, i have to ask AOLs
permission ( as an example) ?

We love Dictatorships- but that what his business is all about - lets all bow
to the powers to be and say thanks for the bones.
steve witkin

Subj:	 Re: Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic
Date:	99-02-13 21:29:17 EST
From:	jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com (jeff Williams)
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To:	cabell@mama-tech.com (Diane Cabell)
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Diane and all,

Diane Cabell wrote:

> Dr Nii Quaynor wrote:
> > Daniel:
> >
> > Actually, its the same as Kents so I wonder why you are shying away from
> > If the CEO is voting on behalf of the organization but therefore *cant*
> > again as himself its as though the organization had no vote.  Why would a
> > CEO want to give up his personal vote for a corporations vote? Why not
> > the individual vote as he wishes and rather keep the organization out? The
> > companies are going to be there anyway simply from the membership of their
> > officers so their interests are represented. The formal presence of the
> > company is only for their benefit of association with ICANN which might
> > some promotional priviledges.
> >
> > How are you going to enforce all this? I voted as individual or I voted as
> > corporation? Just too complex for me!
> >
> > The simplest is that *only* individuals vote.
> I've missed something here.  Pat me kindly on the head and fill me in.  If
> membership is limited to domain holders/IP address holders, how is the
> indivdual/corporation distinction relevant?  Was there a suggestion in that
> that only those domains that are owned by individuals would have voting
> That doesn't seem reasonable to me. In that case, a one-entity-one-vote
> reasonable and, whether the entity is an individual or a corporation, an
> individual will still be casting the vote.

  The individual is distinct by his/her E-mail address that he/she uses to
register his or herself as a member.  The same goes for a company by their
Domain Name(s) (Plural in some/many cases?).

> If, instead, a one-vote per domain or one-vote per employee structure is
> suggested, will AOL get to vote all 1.2+ million of its L2 domains

  No, the person that that domain is assigned to or is registered to will
vote for that SLD domain.

> If AOL owns and pays for (I'm guessing here) say 1/10 of all SLDs on the
> shouldn't it have greater standing than I do with only one and only domain?

  It would depend on the number of Doamins that it has registered or owns
within a particular TLD name space.  However this would also apply to
any and all other companies/organizations as well.

> Who speaks for the user who is actually footing (much of) the bill for AOL's
> domains?

  The user does as a stakeholder or as a SLD domain holder, should that be
the case.

> Does IBM get one vote per employee *and* one vote per domain? I surely
> hope not.

  No, of course not.  One person - one vote.

> Diane Cabell


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