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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

Michael Bracker a écrit:

> Perhaps I said something you discussed before - if so please foreward me
> the message(s) in a pm.

I hope someone from ICANN will respond to your request.

> But since a long time I tried to get into touch
> with people of ICANN and I failed :-\

That doesn't surprise me. ICANN isn't (yet?) an open organization.
And the people on these mailing lists are too content with their
privileged position as the "inner circle" to want to do anything to
open up the discussion to a broader public. Any suggestion to permit
discussion in languages other than English, for example, is
immediately rejected. 

If you and others in Germany are interested in debating the issues
of privatization of the Internet and the creation of ICANN and its
SOs, I suggest that you form your own mailing lists, and an
organization(s) to represent you. Expecting anything from ICANN or
these lists is pointless.