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Re: [Membership] Why not ISOC?

Ronda Hauben responding to:

Dr Nii Quaynor" <quaynor@ghana.com> wrote:

>>My proposal is still the only proposal that has taken into
>>account the real situation and problems and proposed a structure
>>and a prototype to begin to deal with them.

>What features of your proposal diffrentiates it. What specific problems are
>addressed and which features solve which of the problems? How advanced is
>the prototype implementation? what measurements (results) have so far been
>obtained from the prototype?


These are helpful questions. I will try to answer the early questons
abuot the features that differentiate it and the specific problems
it addresses and the features which solve the problems as soon
as I have the chance as I have to go out now, but wanted to 
begin a response as soon as possible.

However, the last two questions about prototype implementation raise
a very important point about the NTIA solicitation for proposals.

The NTIA (i.e. the U.S. government) has taken the most important
functions of the Internet in terms of those functions which give
control over the Internet -- and put out the white paper with
no funding for prototypes or proposals as part of the request
for proposals. (Infact there doesn't seem to have even been
a legitimate request for proposals that led to the ICANN proposal).

Thus those who submitted any proposal had to be able to fund it
themselves unless they were ICANN, in which case the funds
are supported it seems by the NTIA by making some of the resources
of IANA available to ICANN.

So I can't comment on how advanced the prototype implementation is
as I don't have the funds to fund it and *no one* should have
to supply the funds for the U.S. government to explore prototypes
for a problem it is unable to solve.

So the fact that my proposal was not funded by the U.S. government
shows that they are in fact only involved in a power play 
with regard to the IANA functions, rather than in any legitimate
search for a way to identify the problems that have to be solved
and providing a way to solve the problems.

I would be glad to be implementing my prototype and I invite
any one who would like to help to be in contact with me. But 
the U.S. government has to provide the funding -- and it is
indeed minimal funding considering what is at stake. And the 
proposal provides a way for other governments or regions to 
support the needed research to begin to contribute
to solving the real problem that exists with regard to providing an
international but protected means of support for the IANA 
functions and assets. But the main obligation is on the U.S.

I'll send a brief summary of the proposal to the list.

And I'll get back to respond to the questions I can answer later
today or as soon as I can.


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               of Usenet and the Internet
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