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Re: [Membership] Density Representation

Paul and all,

  We agree with you completely on this issue Paul, and it has been
discussed and debated several times before as well.  Regional
representation for directorships are not necessarily representative
of what that regions Members may wish, and therefore limits their
choice of whom they might want in tat positions well as sets up
a scenario of planned discrimination, which is a form of gerrymandering
and also not legal in the US.  As ICANN is a US based corporation, this
would not meet legal muster.

Paul Stauffer wrote:

> >would not be necessary for the candidate to come from that pool.  So
> >Thai voters could elect someone from Finland as their representative, if
> >they preferred.  But no one from Finland could vote on the candidate for
> >the low-density pool.
> Personally, I am not comfortable with the idea of regionalizing the
> directorships, such that individual directors would be elected by, and
> would represent a constituency of a specific geographic region.  I think
> this is a significant alteration of the intentions of the international
> representation requirements of the ICANN bylaws.  I feel that it is
> important that the at-large board members be elected by the membership as a
> whole.  Several established electoral mechanisms have already been
> suggested which could be used to ensure compliance with Article V Section 6
> without having to resort to rules like: "Oh, you're African?  Well, _you_
> need to vote for the *African* representative."
> - Paul
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