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Re: [Membership] Membership Preliminary Report

Diane and all,

Diane Cabell wrote:

> The Preliminary Report of the Membership Advisory Committee is up at
> http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/prelim.html  My thanks to Kim Isbell, Betsey
> Rosenblatt and Wendy Seltzer for their very hard work.
> The report is designed as a laundry list of relevant issues with associated
> concerns.  It is conceived as a reference manual for the ICANN membership
> decision-making process.  The report will change as we receive more input,
> criticism and information in the coming week.  It does not include any MAC
> recommendations at this time since we will be discussing those in Singapore.

  Why not discuss those recomendations online Diane?

> Much of the report was culled from comments to the various listservs.  Further
> suggestions are most welcome at membership@icann.org.  Flowery compliments win
> you a special MAC secret-meeting decoder ring.  :-)
> Diane Cabell


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