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Re: [Membership] Remote Participation in the Singapore Open Meeting

Ben Edelman wrote:
> For those of you who can't make it to Singapore...

 Bob Allisat then wrote
>What a statement. As if anyone is ever, in their
> lives going to make it to Singapore. These Harvard
> standards make me ill. And a real video feed is
> no substitute for popular participation.

If ICANN is looking to a worldwide constituency, and to get the opinions of
outside the US, just possibly including some of the millions of people who
live in
Singapore, then it is not entirely unreasonable that they should hold
nearly as many meetings outside the US as inside it.  There is no plan,
naturally, to cover all the countries using the internet, including the UK,
Japan, etc., etc., but I think that broadly speaking, that having these
meetings is really pro, rather than anti democratic.