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Re: [Membership] Why Singapore?

Bob Allisat wrote:
>  Michael, you wrote:
> + ...why Singapore?

Mr Bob Allisat
I take great exception at your e-mail below.
Have you ever been to Singapore?  What basis do you have to make these
allegations about Singapore?
I am a Singaporean born in Singapore.  I know Singapore for the last 45
years and I am offended by what you said unconscientiously!

>  Because some of the most stupid and mindless supporters
>  of ICANN are in Singapore.

I don't know who are you referring to, can you specify?

 Because the level of Corporate
>  and political corruption are so high in Singapore

This is definitely wrong, I assure you that Singapore probably has the
least political and Corporate corruption in the World!!!

>  there is no chance of dissenting opinions and complete
>  likelyhood of total agreement with Dyson and her robots.

This is again wrong.  Though I am a supporter of ICANN but I do not
agree fully with Dyson and I believe she is not equivalent to ICANN!!!
And for your info., most ofthe people in Singapore does not know about

>  Because they will all be charging this to their company
>  travel accounts and it's cleaner than anywhere else due
>  to the simple fact if you so much as spit on the streets
>  you get your lips/hand/arms/head cut off.

there is absolutely no such thing!  You are mean and unconscientious inj
making such comments!  I had known you for the past five years through
various lists but I am still surprised and disappointed by these
allegations!  I can not imagine that you are capable of such baseless
comments and fabrications.

  Because it's
>  just the perfect venue for this band of thieving bandits
>  and they will feel right at home in this oppressive,
>  military dominated dictatorship

You get your facts all wrong again!  What nonsense about military
dictatorship?  OUr military has no role at all in any political

with all of their rotten
>  business practices, kick backs, slush funds and so on.
>  Welcome to Singapore, baby. Check your ethics at the door
>  and let's get down to BUSINESS, damn the namby pambies and
>  all their whining ethics and stupid ideas of democracy,
>  accountability, yada, yada, yada. Money talks, baby, and
>  bullshit, well it walks when it's not in jail being beaten
>  to a bloody pulp, tortured and starved near to death. Yes,
>  Sinagopre is perfect for these creeps.

Nonsense again.
No regards.

>  Bob Allisat
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