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[Membership] The Shangri La Model

 So it seems the order of nature that is being
 rammed down our collective throats as we all
 madly tap away at keyboards is derived from a
 rather over-rippened novel vision of dubious
 perfection based on an early twentieth century
 facist delusion which itself is based upon the
 MYSTERIOUS words of Madame Blavatsky and her
 hoidy toidy Theosophists. Now I ralize that I'm
 getting a little too historic and literary for
 this age of the moment and illiteracy but such
 is life from time to time. Paradoxical at every
 turn when the generation's only exposure to
 culture is toilet graffitti, Bay Watch (TM)
 and the freakingly intolerably boring WWW.

 Shangri La! Mysterious, ageless kingdom in the
 Lost Horizons of Tibet! Where they live for an
 eternity and rule the world by secret ways and
 subtle, psychic beams of control. All mixed 
 together with the holier than holier than thou
 nonsense of H.P.B. (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky)
 with her equally silly idea of Masters of Wisdom
 who exist only on etherial planes, and who guide
 the world from their astral fastnesses through
 willing and supliant disciples. Fast forward to
 the end of this millenium and the WiReD world
 of the WiLd WiLd InTeRnEt!

 The masters are those blessed enough to have
 been there at the outset as flunkie creeps of
 the completely frightening American Military
 Industrial Complex and it's DARPA network of
 collaborators, bomb makers and atomic blast
 creators. Yes, they snuck in the Net among
 all that mayhem not realizing that they were
 equally tinged, tainted and poisoned by the
 Mom and Apple Pie brand of squeeky Clean top
 down, Hierarchy scales brand of USA facism
 Today. All of which reflects in their delusional
 visions, so all consumingly powerful, of how
 the Net, the World and, if they and their NASA
 fellow megalomaniacs could manage it, the
 frigging UNIVERSE.

 So here we are citzens. Stuck with their dumb
 ass hallucinations, solidified and concretizing
 as we tip-tap away in front of our respective
 Cathod Ray Tube communication boobs. Totalitarian-
 ism American Style ... leadership by secret
 Internet cartel, process by de facto monopoly,
 rule by edict outside the fold, by lock step
 "consensus" within the fold (fold being those
 of like mind - no other applicants need apply),
 all the while claiming the opposite, draping
 said same selves in the glory of an American
 Revolutionary set of ideals so dead as to be
 invisible in reality. While we're all expected
 to fall into step, march to the yankee doodle
 dandy toon, hush up, be happy and obey our
 betters like the proletarian vision of these,
 our fine cousin's commercial universe.

 Not me. Not ever. Rather chuck the computers
 and everything to do with em than allow this
 mad vision to become our civilization's bright
 blurry, insane ttoommoorrooww. Over and out.

 Bob Allisat

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