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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] A Model for Community & Global Governan

toml@communisphere.com wrote:

>I was suggesting to ICANN that an affiliation with our neighborhood
>effort (and similar ones around the world) would provide them with the
>bona fide voting membership they are looking for.

I'm not sure what you mean by "bona fide" here.  Please explain.

>How better are they getting Internet users to vote for their At Large
>members? While there have been several suggestions, the one I put
>forward seems quite doable, and is worthy of consideration (IMHO).

If you're just encouraging them to take votes from online community
groups, in addition to the other groups currently on the table, it
seems reasonable to me.

The general point I wanted to make was in response to your claims of
the Internet's "distance insensitivity."  I think if you seek out
registration within the .us domain, you can establish the kind of
geography-based online community you want.  After that, it is just a
matter of figuring out what types of equipment you need to build (or
buy) to support your community's needs.