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Re: [Membership] Re: [IFWP] Re: Effective meetings, past and future

Craig and all,

  It is well established and well documented now that the dictatorial
actions an style of the ICANN.  Hitler-like would be carrying it
a bit to far.  Stalin like would be more appropriate possibly.  It is
none the less as FACT that the ICANN is acting unilaterally and is
on the whole a closed and non-transparent organization.  History
will and has already recorded it as such in their own, now hidden
E-Mail archives.  I expect those archives to disappear at some point
as well....

Craig Simon wrote:

> It's important to put a good word in for Jonathan Zittrain.
> Regardless of my own desire for more openness in ICANN's processes, I
> think he and others at the Berkman Center have behaved in an honest and
> forthright manner, trying to include as many people in the discussions
> as possible. I've listened to the Real Audio feed from at least three
> fora where Ronda Hauben has participated (two hosted by BCIS), and in
> each instance she was given ample time to state her case. She has been
> treated fairly, but she is not fair enough to admit it.
> Ronda's allusions to the "Hitler-like" agenda of the Berkman Center and
> ICANN are ridiculous and are demeaning to the victims of Hitler's
> regime.
> Craig Simon
> Ronda Hauben wrote:
> >
> > Jonathan Zittrain <zittrain@cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote:
> [snipped]
> > This is your attempt to distort what I have to say and to discredit
> > it. This is your effort to institute a Hitler like regime into
> > the Internet.
> and
> > This is how Hitler functioned as well. He couldn't stand any criticism,
> > instead he made a victim of those who expressed any criticism,
> > making it clear to others that criticism was "verbotten"

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