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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] Re: Effective meetings, past and future

"William X. Walsh" <william@dso.net> writing:

> 12-Mar-99 Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
>  In message <XFMail.990312114846.william@dso.net>, "William X. Walsh" writes:
>>  She exists. And she makes some very important points.

>I don't agree that her points are that important, but nonetheless, lets assume
>they are for this purpose.

>If we are having a meeting to decide if our company should open up into the
>market in Country X, should we permit someone to have the floor at such a
>meeting to only argue that we shouldn't market our product at all?  The
>decision to market the product had already been made, and nothing at this
>meeting could change that.  This meeting is not the place to make that
>argument, this meeting was for the narrowling defined purpose of deciding
>whether to market the product in a particular area.

The parallel here is in fact what Elaine Kamarck said at the 
meeting, and she is a former staffer to VP Gore and said that
she was told by the Dean of the Kennedy School of Government to 
come to the meeting.

She has been active in government and in government policy.

And her presentation was that what was being done was entirely
inappropriate. YET she wasn't cut off or the microphone cut out
on her, nor should it have been.

It was entirely appropriate what she had said and what I was saying
in response to her talk.

And it was entirely inappropriate that what she said was *not*
treated with the utmost seriousness by the Chair and by 
the panel and instead that there was an attack on me as the
way to attack what she had said.