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Re: [Membership] Re: ICANN Appoints Independent Review Advisory Committee

Steve and everyone,

  Yes, form the following that I have done thanks to Jeff WIlliams for forwarding

most of these posts to me on this and other lists, it appears unfortunately and
eventually that this taken decision by the ICANN Interim Board shows very
in the EU and amongst many in the middle east as well to be left wanting
It may at some point lead in part to ICANN's undoing....

BRPWIT@aol.com wrote:

> When mebership was discussed, I questioned the BAAAAAASTON / HAAAAARVARD
> connection.
> The ICANN folk adamately dismissed it as not being true- they had folk from
> silcion valley and tejas.
> Well look at this roster of names ( for USA), it seems that the only too folk
> in the entire United States that are qualified happen to be from the BAASTON
> thanks for nothing -
> steve witkin


Brian C. Hollingsworth
Sr. Advisor, International House of Justice Internet Communications
Affairs and Policy
Vice President International  Public Affairs and Policy, INEGroup