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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

Dr Nii Quaynor wrote:

> >There are many levels of membership in the organization, depending on
> >how much you pay.  We could adopt a similar model -- the "individual"
> >membership ($50 or less), the "contributing" membership" ($50-$100),
> I understand, but consider these issues. Is the different level of "service"
> acceptable? It can be demeaning and some may stop participating. Imagine you
> come to the meeting and see your collegue with the "gold" fountain pen
> whilst you have a coffee mug? May be I better talk to the pen holder before
> I vote?
> Nii

What about a minimal fee for organizations, maybe $50 each?  No one organization
would be deserving of special influence.  It will also help balance the
financial authority that the SOs might have from the fees that they provide to

Diane Cabell