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[Membership] At Large membership discussion

Hi, as I posted before, we are going to have an informal,
but open meeting about this At Large membership
staff report (and all related topics), here in Santiago.

The first one is set just 60 minutes from now - (sorry
for this late announcement), to see who are interested
and discuss how to proceed, during the Santiago meeting
and beyond.

It will be, Salon Directoro room, 2nd Fl, Cronw Plaza Hotel
and Greg Crew, the MAC co-chair, and Andrew McLaughlin
who prepared the staff report will join along with some other
(old) MAC members and others.

IF you miss this while you are already in Santiago, please
expect that the second round of meeting will be also
setup here, sometime tomorrow, either early morning
or late night..

For those who are NOT here, and want to participate,
please send you comments (or whatever) to the comment
list at ICANN sebsite.

Many thanks,


               Izumi Aizu  <izumi@anr.org> 
   Principal, Asia Network Research (Malaysia)

 Sec. General, Asia & Pacific Internet Association
                       (beyond Y2K)