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Izumi Aizu

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Izumi Aizu, Asia Network Research Researcher

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: I chaired the membership working group at IFWP Geneva, I was a member of MAC (Membership Advisory Committee) and MITF (Membership Implementation Task Force). I participated NAIS (NGO and Academic ICANN Study) to conduct
AtLarge study called for by ICANN.

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: I have participated all ICANN meetings to date, as well as all 3 IFWP meetings (excluding Buenos Aires), mostly trying to represent voices from Asia, and from the under-represented, including individuals. Under GLOCOM, we have participated Digital Opportunity Task Force coordinated by G8 countries, as the NPO representative from Japan, designated by the Japanese government. Under DOT Force, we have advocated policy issues on digital divide, and help draft the Action Plan to call for support from developing countries representatives to Internet and ICT related policy and standardization issues including Domain Name and IP Address allocation at ICANN.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure: I have participated DNS management policy issues when I was the Secretary General of Asia and Pacific Internet Association, an Asia-wide Industry organization. We organized workshops on DNS/ICANN issues, including AtLarge in such countries as China,Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan. I have also particiapated the Internet Association Japan (IAJ) to bring ICANN related issues to the Japanese ministries (MPT and MITI) during IFWP and ICANN's early days, visited Industry associations including Keidan-ren, to help them understand and participate ICANN process in a wider perspectives. I also initiated Internet Y2K campaign in Asia and Japan, help organize White House Y2K roundtable in the U.S., supported Y2K monitoring operation at the turn of the century, 3-day overnight operation in cooperation with US counterparts, including the government, for
Operation Silent Night.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: As mentioned above, I was chairing the membership working group of IFWP, organized IFWP Singapore meeting as the convenior, Secretary General of APIA, and mmeber of DOT Force and NAIS. These should demostrate my ability and experience in these activities.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: As one of the few "veterans" of ICANN now, I am confident that I will respect the end goal of ICANN as the private sector management of DNS, IP and other Internet resources in open, transparent, and balanced manner. I believe ALAC will serve this purpose with wide, balanced and informed participation of Internet users globally.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: I have been promoting the use of computer networking since 1984 or so, and Internet in Japan and Asia since around 1992, member of ISOC since then, and working on policy issues around Internet, both internationally and in Japan. I believe my service in these activities have been pertinent to the course of ICANN and ALAC.

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