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Carlos Dionisio Aquirre

Lawyer and Attorney at Law, Citizen of Argentina, Country of residence Argentina.

Details of current job, tittle, employer of affiliation

  • Currently he is the Chairman of his Own legal organization called SitioDerecho Which provides variety of services to companies, focusing in legal and economical advisory and in the particular situation of the relations that are established in the frame of the New Economy Society Information. His professional labor takes place inside and outside the courts of justice, taking special interest in the preventive task, of advice and control to anticipate any potential problems that can emerge in the client´s activity. His most relevant duty, involves the coordination of the professionals that are below in flowchart. At the same time he is the Owner of Lawyers Team, working as external consultor empowered in Córdoba of the Patagonia Bank, job that has developed in last 10 years also in LLOYD´S TSB BANK.

Educational Background and professional positions:

a) Studies:

  • Lawyer and Attorney at law - Law School, National University of Cordoba. (Graduated in 1988).
  • Specialicing in Bussinnes Right. Post-Grade Department Faculty of Law, National University of Cordoba. Currently in time to defend final work about “Defense of Customer’s Rights in the web commerce”.

b) Professional positions:

  • Main Teacher in “Law, Economic and Bussinnes in the Information Society” in the Law and Social Sciences School of the Cordoba National University, which is one of the few classes in Argentinian Universities refered to Computer Law. He was also the responsible of the proyect that gave birth to this iniciative.
  • Professor of Economy in the Law and Social Sciences School of the Cordoba National University since 1990.
  • Professor in charge of the “E-Commerce” post-grade module in “Internacional Trade and Commerce Legal Aspects” in National University of Córdoba.
  • Professor in charge of the “E-Commerce and New Economy” module in the post-grade studies of Computer Law and Tecnollogy in the Blas Pascal University.Wich starts in April 2007.
  • Professor Invited to the Internacional Trade Subject, to dictate an E-Commerce module, in the Law School at the National University of Córdoba.
  • Professor Invited to the Post-grade Studies in Businnes Law, at the Law School in Cordoba´s National University.
  • Original Member of AGEIA DENSI, wich is one of the ICANN`s At Large Structures, since november 2005.
  • Original Member of the IberoAmerican Investigation Institute in the Information Society. IIISI.
  • Original Member and current President of the Computer Law and Information Society Investigation Institute. IDISI.
  • Current Member of the Organizer Council at the “1st MERCOSUR Congress in Computer Law”, being Director of the E-Commerce comission.
  • Original Member and Board´s Member of the “Bussinnes Law Specialists Asociation”, ASEDEN, in Argentina.
  • Director of the “Law and Economy” Lounge in the Legal Studies Insitute of Cordoba´s Lawyers Profesional College.
  • I represented this institution in World Congress of Computer Law in Oct. 2005 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).
  • Author of papers and notes for several International and local Journals and Magazines.
  • Participant, Author, speaker in many congresses and conferences, about Computer Law, Economy and the Information Society.

This activities are specially focus on the Civil Society participation in the Information Society, and how to improved these participation.

He considers important and possible to work in the relationship with the civil society and the academical groups, to improved the participation and the usability of Internet.

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