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Esther Dyson

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Esther Dyson, USA, publisher/writer/IT investor/small business owner,, Website:

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: long and varied! member of ALSC; long-time promoter of transparency and public involvement in ICANN

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: active in iCANN itself (including as chairman); have written and talked and advised on privacy/confidentiality issues, former chairman of Electronic Frontier Foundation, active in policy matters generally

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure:have avoided direct (commercial) involvement in DNS issues in order to maintain neutrality and noncommercial status while involved with ICANN

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: at ICANN and elsewhere; involved in many boards of directors (both commercial and not-for-profit)

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: four years of work trying to make this happen! in a constructive way as much as possible

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: author of Release 2.0, a book about the impact of the Internet on individuals (allowing them to take control of their own lives yet limiting their control over others); extensive work and travel outside the US, especially in emerging markets; speak Russian and French as well as a little German.

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