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Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg has forty-five years of experience with computing and networking technologies. For much of his career, he worked for McGill University in Montreal, Canada along with a short stint as a Visiting Scientist at IBM Research. Over the years, this included software design and development, education technology support, management and policy development. He played critical roles in building the Internet and its precursors in Canada. He also taught courses in computer architecture and design. He retired from the position of Director of Computing and Telecommunications at McGill in late 1999.

Beginning in 1995, on a volunteer basis, he participated in and then managed workshops which taught personnel from 150 developing countries how to build, support, manage and use the Internet in their countries. Virtually all developing countries that connected to the Internet did so with the help of students of this program.

Since his retirement from McGill, he has been an independent consultant focusing on the effective use of technology in developing countries. Projects have included: the use of technology in education; how to effectively spread the use of technology to benefit the country and its people; and a study of the linkages between technology and poverty, and how technologies can be effectively used for poverty alleviation, and publications on computer security and the use of the web to accelerate development (focus on usability).

Throughout his career, a primary focus has been the empowerment of people through the use of technology.

Alan holds a BSc degree in Mathematics and Physics, and an MSc in Computer Science, both from McGill University.

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