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Thomas Roessler

1) Name, country, profession, email address: Thomas Roessler, DE, mathematician, <>.

2) Experience with At-Large organizing/At-Large Structures: My earliest experience with specific ICANN at-large issues dates back to the initiation of the icann-europe mailing list during the nomination process of the 2000 at-large elections; at that time, I've also co-moderated a chat with the European candidates.

This year, I've been helping with the boot-strapping of the effort, and have been actively participating in numerous discussions around the ALAC, most recently at ICANN's Shanghai meetings, where I've been advocating a more active role of the ALAC in the policy-development process on the SO level.

3) Involvement in ICANN issues relevant to individual Internet users: See above. Also, I've been the chairman of the DNSO's General Assembly since early 2002. As a delegate of the GA to the DNSO's WHOIS task force, I've been trying to bring an individual Internet user's perspective to the task force's discussions. I have designed and implemented a considerable part of the process and tools used by the Task Force to evaluate the free-form answers received in response to the WHOIS survey.

4) Involvement in activities relating to the DNS and the Internet's infrastructure: I've been an active member of the DNSO's WHOIS Task Force, as detailed above. On the infrastructure side (interpreted broadly), I've been the lead developer of the freely available Mutt mail user agent (see; this software is the work of many contributors) for a number of years. I've been a participant in the ietf-openpgp working group and am one of the co-authors of RFC 3156.

5) Experience with group decision-making and consensus development: See above for examples.

6) Demonstrated commitment to the goals and bylaws of ICANN and the ALAC: See above.

7) Other relevant social, professional experience: I've been an active member of FITUG (a member organization of GILC) since the mid-90s. On behalf of FITUG, I've been participating in discussions with both private and public sector participants on topics such as civil liberties and Internet filtering, export control of freely available cryptographic software, government support for free software projects, and similar issues.

A list of publications on a variety of topics is available at <>.

I'm regularly publishing notes and comments on ICANN in my weblog, at <>.

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