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AFRICA Task Group

Pierre Dandjinou (Benin) [Chair]
Pierre Dandjinou is currently an IT programme officer for Africa for the Sustainable Development Networking Programme of the UN Development Programme, Benin. He has been involved in the development of many Internet initiatives on the continent since 1995 and has organized the first-ever held Africa Conference on Internet governance in Cotonou in December 1998, in his position as the appointed Coordinator of the Africa Internet Group . He currently serves on the Interim Board of Trustees of the nascent African regional registry (the AfriNIC) and is President of the ISOC Chapter of Benin.

Mohammad-Sani Abdulai (Ghana)
Mohammed-Sani Abdulai is Director of the Centre for Information and Communication Technology, Accra, Ghana, and has consulted widely on IT issues. He holds degrees in computer science from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has been a Lecturer/Adjunct Lecturer in computer science at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Silvio Cabral Almada (Angola)
Silvio Cabral Almada is an Internet Technology expert, providing technical support to EBONet - Angola, since 1996. He is responsible for training all EBONet technical staff on Linux-Redhat administration, TCP/IP, Cisco equipment and other Internet topics.

Zakaria Amar (Mauritania)
Zakaria Amar is Professor at the University of Mauritania and a sub-regional Adviser for the UNDP Internet Initiative for Africa programme. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Mauritania, a member of NIC-Mauritania council (ccTLD .mr manager), and is a member of the interim board of trustees of AfriNIC (an emerging african regional IP adress registry). Recently he was involved as Senior Consultant for the IDRC in the preparation of the National Information and Communication Infrastructure Plan (1999-2002). He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences (1994) and Master in Telecommunication (1991).

Clement Dzidonu (Ghana)
Clement Dzidonu, President and CEO of the International Institute for Information Technology (INIIT), is an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology of Touro University International, California and Professor of Computer Science, Valley View University, Accra. He has formerly taught and conducted research at: Trinity College, Dublin; National University of Ireland, Galway; Makerere University, Uganda; and the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. He has published seven computer books and a numerous scientific papers and reports. Professor Dzidonu is founder of the African Network for IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) and AFRIK-IT - a popular discussion list on Africa-related IT issues.

Philip Fergusson (United Kingdom/Sierra Leone/Nigeria)
Philip Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie Fergusson is a London-based Sierra Leonean/Nigerian who currently works as Director of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), an organisation that connects Africa and its diaspora to promote Africa's development and that sees ICTs as central to its strategy. Philip's experience covers communications policy, hands-on IT, media, industry, research and writing, and development experience.

Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba (United States/Zimbabwe)
Dr. Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba, a native of Zimbabwe, is a graduate of Northeastern University's Law, Policy & Society Program, Boston, MA. His current research interests focus on internet access and regulation for public and private purposes. He serves as associate professor of applied mathematics & sciences at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and head of the Institute's Academic Resources & Writing Centers.

Andrew Muigai (Kenya)
Andrew Muigai is CEO and Publisher of an online travel site. The Nairobi based firm offers reservations and information for the leading travel destinations in Africa.

George Nkusi (Rwanda)
George Nkusi is System Administrator for RWANDATEL S.A., Rwanda's telecommunication company and provider of Internet services.

Victor Nwankwo (Nigeria)
Chief Victor Nwankwo, Manager Director of Fourth Dimension Publishing Company Ltd of Enugu Nigeria, was founding chairman of African publishers Network, APNET. Chief Nwankwo has had extensive and varied professional training and experience in publishing development and engineering, as well as in politics and community leadership.

Alioune Traoré (Mali)
Alioune Badara Traore, Ph.D., is the manager of the national Internet Network Operating Center (NOC) and chief engineer for the Télécommunication Sociéty of Mali (SOTELMA). He is a consultant to numerous organizations and teaches about Internet technical management. He lives in Bamako, Mali.

EAST ASIA Task Group

Samtani Anil (Singapore) [Chair]
Professor Samtani Anil is from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (where he specializes in information technology law and international business transactions) and is currently an associate editor of the Information Technology Law Journal and the Asia Business Law Review.

Izumi Aizu (Malaysia and Japan)
Izumi Aizu is Secretary General, Asia & Pacific Internet Association, and Principal, Asia Network Research, based in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

Srisakdi Charmonman (Thailand)
Srisakdi Charmonman is a member of the Board of Trustees of ISOC, President of ISOC Thailand Chapter, Thai Government Representative in the e-ASEAN Task Force, Dean of Internet and E-Commerce at Assumption University of Thailand, 'Asian Computer Man of the Year 1981' voted by Computer-Asia magazine, and Chairman of MKSC Group of companies.

Linda Gu (China)
Gaoyang Linda Gu is an analyst at the Beijing Internet-networking Institute, China. She graduated from the College of Information Management, Beijing Union University with major in Computer Science, and in 1999 received a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the School of Economics and Commercial Law, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

Kenny Huang (Taiwan)
Kenny Huang is the Founder of Geotempo International Ltd. He is the lead developer of many of Geotempo's technologies and fosters strategic relationships with business and technical partners. He is also a technical consultant of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan's highest research institution. Prior to Geotempo, Mr Huang was the Head of Communication & Network Services in the Academia Sinica. His previous experience includes STARTAP-Taiwan NGI (Next Generation Internet) design, Fax over Internet project, NLANR National Cache, Taipei GigaPoP Chief Architect. He has participated in several working groups of TANet, TWNIC and IETF, occupying a number of management and operational positions. He holds a postgraduate degree in Scientific Computing and Information Technology in the South Bank Polytechnic London, and Doctoral Study in National Cheng Chi University.

Ching-Yi Liu (Taiwan)
Ching-Yi Liu is Assistant Professor at the National Central University. She hold a J.S.D. degree from the University of Chicago Law School and an L.L.M. degree from the Harvard Law School.

Yumi Ohashi (Japan)
As an international liaison in JPNIC, Yumi Ohashi is in charge of coordination between JPNIC and other related organizations worldwide; research on the Internet governance issues; and outreach activities to the Internet community in Japan. She resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Chae Kyu Park (South Korea)
Chae Kyu Park is president of HANGANG Systems which is the first accredited registrar in Korea. HANGANG also maintains several Internet businesses including Internet billing, web hosting, and electronic commerce services, as well as providing enterprise software solutions for Cable TV and DBS system operators in Korea.

Y. J. Park (South Korea/Singapore)
Y.J. Park is a member of the DNSO Names Council, selected by the Non-Commercial Constituency.

Jacob Park (United States)
Jacob Park is a senior researcher specializing in Japanese and Asian companies for the ethical research unit of a London-based fund management company and a fellow of the U.S. Environmental Leadership Program.

Joseph Yu (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
Josephy Yu is Chairman of Pacific Challenge Holdings Limited (PCH) which is an investment bank listed (in October 1998) on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. He is Vice Chairman and Council Member of UNICEF (HK), and Director of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Internet Domain Task Force of the Hong Kong government.


Yang Yen-Thaw (India) [Chair]
Yang Yen-Thaw is a corporate lawyer with a focus on foreign direct investment and cyber laws. He practices in New Delhi with the law firm of Yang Advocates and Solicitors.

Pavan Duggal (India)
Pavan Duggal is a practising cyberlaw consultant who resides in New Delhi, India. Pavan is the President of Cyberlaws.Net, an online Cyberlaw Consultancy. He served as a member of ICANN's Membership Advisory Committee.

Nadeem Hameed (Pakistan)
Nadeem Hameed is currently working with Sustainable Development Networking Programme Pakistan (SDNPK) as an Information Manager. He lives in Lahore.

Shashank Kansal (Nepal)
Shashank Kansal is President/CEO of InfoTech & Telco International (IT&TI), Kathmandu, Nepal.

K. S. Raju (India)
K.S. Raju is President of Internet Communications India, Ltd. He lives in Hyderabad, India.


James Spenceley (Australia) [Chair]
James Spenceley works for MailTV, an Asia/Pacific focused internet start-up. James is based at the company's head office in Sydney, Australia.

Ian Oi (Australia)
Ian Oi is an Australian lawyer who focuses on IT, telecommunications and e-commerce work for both public and private sector clients, mainly in Sydney and Melbourne.

Ken Young (Australia)
Ken Young is CEO of Web Words, which seeks to address the "digital divide" through hands-on development work with 21 rural communities across Victoria. He is the national spokesman for the Australian Community Networking Alliance, a member of Steering Committee of the RMIT University Learning Network Project, a member of the State Library of Victoria Board Library Networking Committee, and on the Victorian Telstra Consumer Consultative Council.


Sinan Oymaci (Turkey)
Sinan Oymaci is an Industrial Engineer with an MS degree in Management Information Systems. He is a managing partner of TRIO Solution House, Inc., a software development and consultancy company. He is the president of ISOC Istanbul Chapter and the secretary of Istanbul branch of Turkish Informatics Association.

Saleem M. Al-Balooshi (UAE)
Saleem M. Al-Balooshi works on network design and implementation for Emirates Internet, one of the largest ISPs in the Middle East Region. He currently handles the operation activities for Emirates Internet and the UAE's exchange point (EMIX). Since 1995, he has been in charge of the .AE ccTLD (UAE-NIC) administration. He received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electric and Electronics from ETISALAT College of Engineering in UAE.

Ali Kia (Turkey)
Ali Kia is the manager of MARNET, which is aiming to develop the IT business in Turkey. He established the technical substructure of MARNET.

David Teten (Israel)
David Teten is Founder and CEO of GoldNames, Inc. (, a venture-backed company with operations in US, Israel, and Europe. He lives in Israel and New York.

Magda Ismail (Egypt)
Magda Ismail is assistant manager of the Information Highway Unit of the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) of Egypt. She holds degrees in computer science and information systems from the American Univerisity of Cairo and the London School of Economics, and is a former Visiting Fellow of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC).

Najat Rochdi (Morocco)
Najat Rochdi is President of ISOC-Morocco.


Mike Norris (Ireland) [Chair]
Mike Norris has been with HEAnet, the Irish education and research network, since 1992. He is currently senior technical officer. Prior to that, he worked at UCD Computing Services, Dublin.

Christian Ahlert (Germany)
Christian Ahlert has studied Political Science in Germany and in the US. He has published about Electronic Democracy, ICANN and Internet Governance. Currently he has to spend some time in East-Westphalia, where he is doing a project for the Bertelsmann Foundation which aims to support the creation of ICANN´s At-Large-Membership.

Naseem Bhatti (Austria)
Naseem Bhatti is CEO of internic Datenkommunikations GmbH in Vienna, Austria. After working with Silicon Graphics Inc. for 6 years I have started as an ISP in April 1999 together with his partner Andreas Paumann, concentrating on Domain Name and related issues.

Juergen Eder (Austria/Germany)
Juergen Eder finished his diploma thesis in the summer of 1999 in Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Salzburg. Since October 1998 he has worked as Project Manager in the department for IP-Technologies at the R&D arm of Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Nova.

Richard Francis (United Kingdom)
Richard Francis is an international business and internet lawyer, with the London and Oxford firm, Manches.

Angelo Gonzalez (Spain)
Angelo Gonzalez is a Spaniard who worked for 26 years in the USA, in the areas of computers and telecommunications, He now lives in Spain where he is very active in all the aspects related to the Internet. He has been involved in ICANN's evolution from the times of the "White Paper."

Bjørnar Kvellheim (Norway)
Bjørnar Kvellheim is the chief administrative officer of UNINETT, the Norwegian national network for research and education. He is based in Trondheim.

Iliya Nickelt (Germany)
Iliya Nickelt is a PhD-Student in Astrophysics who lives in Berlin, Germany. He has been engaged in several media-related political groups in Germany and is a close observer of the German internet scene.

Karel Vietsch (Netherlands)
Dr. Karel Vietsch is the Secretary-General of TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.


Veni Markovski (Bulgaria) [Chair]
Veni Markovski is chairman of the Internet Society - Bulgaria , and owner of

Wolfgang Kleinwächter (Germany/Denmark)
Wolfgang Kleinwächter is a professor for international communication policy and regulation at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. He had several appointments at universities in Germany, Finland, the US and Russia, has worked both in the public and the private sector and was involved in a number of information society projects of the European Commission.

Andrew Romanov (Russia)
Andrew Romanov is Telecommunication Technologies Department manager, ISP billing systems development, ServoComp. In addition, he is CEO of Internet Providers Union, and Secretary of the Internet Committee of the Russian Association for Networks and Services.

Eric Scace (Russia/United States)
Eric Scace works for UUNET on international geographic expansion programs. During the last 25 years he has worked primarily on international data communications on technical protocol design and implementation, as well as product marketing, sales and operations management, and corporate strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions. He has served on as well as chaired technical standards-setting committees within ITU, ICAO, ISO, ANSI, and ASTM on both technical and organizational matters. He lives in Moscow.


Carlos Afonso (Brazil)
Carlos A. Afonso is Development Director of Rede de Informações para o Terceiro Setor (Rits) -- the Information Network for the Third Sector, based in Rio de Janeiro. In 1989, he proposed and implemented the first ISP in Brazil outside the academic community, a non-profit project which contributed to the formulation of ensuing Internet development policy in Brazil.

Gabriela Barrios Garrida (Mexico)
Gabriela Barrios Garrido is one of Mexico's leading Internet lawyers, the author of "Internet & Law in Mexico," published by McGraw Hill, and currently a director of JurisTel, a law firm specializing in intellectual property rights, Internet and e-commerce law. Ms. Barrios is a member of the Internet Society and the Mexican Bar Association.

Raúl Bauer (Argentina)
Raúl Bauer is general manager of Trends / IDC Argentina, has been working in the IT arena since 1969. He has served as CIO at leading Argentine banks, utilities, manufacturing companies and in government and educational institutions. He is member of the Board of the Argentine Chamber of ITC users and at the ISOC-Argentina.

Leopoldo Brandt (Venezuela)
Leopoldo Brandt G. is a Venezuelan attorney, MCJ of the University of Texas at Austin, and professor of E-commerce Law at UCAB University in Caracas, Venezuela.

Francisco Gómez Alamillo (Spain)
Francisco Gómez Alamillo is the Secretary General of AHCIET. In that capacity, he has worked with the ITU, Internet Society, European Commission, IADB and World Bank, among others. He has been involved with the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years in a wide range of issues.

Erick Iriarte (Peru) [Chair]
Erick Iriarte Ahon is an Adviser in Computer Law to the Peruvian Scientific Network and Peruvian NIC (Pe-NIC). He is director of the Electonic Magazine of Computer Law (Revista Electronica de Derecho Informatico). He lives in Lima, Peru.

Jay Parker (United States)
Jay Parker lives in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and is managing director of West Indies Communications Group. He has worked in the advertising field for 18 years and serves as marketing consultant to several Caribbean governments and government agencies.

Quincy Yarde (Barbados)
Quincy Yarde is a final year student at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, majoring in Computer Science and Management and is deeply interested in the application of technology in business.


Bill Washburn (United States) [Chair]
Bill Washburn is Chief Policy Officer of RealNames. A former executive director of CIX, Senior VP for Internet Business Development at Mecklermedia, and head of Information Technology at Colorado State University, he holds a Ph.D. from Stanford and lives in Palo Alto, California.

Diane Cabell (United States)
Diane Cabell is a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and is Of Counsel to the Boston law firm of Fausett, Gaeta & Lund. She served on ICANN's Membership Advisory Committee and the Representation in Cyberspace Study Group.

Dave Crocker (United States)
David H. Crocker is a principal with Brandenburg Consulting, providing Internet business planning and technical design. He has been a core contributor in the development of internetworking capabilities for nearly 30 years, first as part of the Arpanet research community and more recently in the commercial sector. Mr. Crocker has been a leader in the development of Internet Mail. He served as an Area Director for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) the primary source of Internet standards and has chaired a number of IETF working groups. He has worked at a number of Silicon Valley companies, producing a wide range of TCP/IP, OSI, and network management products. He was a co-founder of the Internet Mail Consortium and the Internet Facsimile and Business Communications Association. Mr. Crocker's consulting practise ranges across government and private industry, including startups and venture capital firms, as well as established organizations such as SunSoft, Xerox, Bell Labs, US Air Force and NASA. Mr. Crocker continues technical involvement in Internet standards activities for transport services, electronic mail, electronic commerce and facsimile. Last year he lived in Malaysia.

Pamela Gallant (United States)
Pamela Gallant is an attorney specializing in telecommunications and regulation and is based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She previously worked at the Federal Communications Commission, where she worked on Internet issues. Currently, she is a consultant to government and private sector clients considering, among other issues, e-commerce initiatives.

Michael Geist (Canada)
Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada specializing in Internet and e-commerce law.

Lisa King (United States)
Lisa King, of Fairfax, Virgnia, is president of DC Web Women, an online community for women working in new media, as well as a graduate student in Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech.

Alan Raul (United States)
Alan Raul is a partner in the international law firm of Sidley & Austin and coordinates the Firm's e-commerce practice in Washington, D.C.

Sanyin Siang (United States)
Sanyin Siang is an Associate in the Directorate for Science and Policy Programs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, where she works on issues at the intersection of science, technology, law and ethics.

Richard Thieme (United States)
Richard Thieme writes, speaks, and consults on the human dimension of technology and work, in particular the impact of technology on society, organizations, and our personal lives. He lives in Milwaukee.

Jeff Trexler (United States)
Jeff Trexler is an Assistant Professor at SMU School of Law, Dallas, TX, where he teaches nonprofit and business enterprise law. He holds a law degree from Yale and a Ph.D. from Duke University.


Jean-Claude Guedon (Canada) [Chair]
Beside writing a book on the Internet (La planète Cyber - Paris, Gallimard, 1996) and a good many articles on Internet-related matters, Professor Jean-Claude Guédon, a historian of science by training, has either been a member or a co-chair (3 times) of the Program Committee of ISOC's annual Inets since 1996 inclusively.

Kent Crispin (United States)
Kent is computer scientist at a national research lab who has been involved in domain name issues for a long time. He lives in California, USA.

Clement Dzidonu (Ghana)
Professor Clement Dzidonu, President and CEO of the International Institute for Information Technology (INIIT) is an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology of Touro University International, California and Professor of Computer Science, Valley View University, Accra. He has formerly taught and conducted research at: Trinity College, Dublin; National University of Ireland, Galway, Makerere University, Uganda and the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. He has published seven computer books and a numerous scientific papers and reports. Professor Dzidonu is founder of the African Network for IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) and AFRIK-IT - a popular discussion list on Africa-related IT issues.

Hans Klein (United States)
Hans Klein is Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Visiting Researcher at the Center for the Sociology of Innovation at the Ecole des Mines in Paris. His research interests include Internet governance and uses of the Internet for grassroots democracy. He is active in numerous public interest organizations in the areas of Internet, public access television, and community radio. He is the Chair of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR).

Hal Lubsen (United States)
Hal Lubsen is the President and CEO of Domain Bank, Inc. an ICANN-accredited Registrar. He has been active in domain issues since 1997 and hopes to involve accredited Registrars and others in the process of encouraging ICANN Individual At Large Memberships.

Naomasa Maruyama (Japan)
Naomasa MARUYAMA is Vice President of JPNIC, the .JP Domain Name Registry and local IP address Registry in Japan. He is also a senior member of the INET2000 Japan Executive Committee.

David McClure (United States)
David P. McClure is executive director of the US Internet Industry Association, a trade association for Internet commerce, content and connectivity located in Washington, DC.

Joe Peck (United States)
Joe Peck lives and works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area where he serves as Director of Congressional Affairs in the Government and Legal Affairs department of the Consumer Electronics Association (producer and manager of the International CES).

Shari Steele (United States)
Shari Steele is a founder and co-director of Digital Bridges. Until recently, Ms. Steele was the Director of Legal Services for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Tony Yustein (Canada)
Tony Yustein is CEO & President of SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. SoftCom is Canada's largest web hosting company and is also a developer of Mail2Web.Com and Mail2Wap.Com, the Web- and WAP-based free email clients.


Eric Brunner (United States)
Eric Brunner is the coordinator of the North American Aboriginal Registry and the Indigenous Intellectual Property Constituency, two ICANN-focused projects of the TribalLaw and Native-Telecoms communities. He is an active participant of the IETF, an active member of the Maine Abenaki community.

John Afele (Canada/Ghana)
Dr. John Afele, a Ghanaian, is Director of the International Program for Africa at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He and his fellow Ghanaian and colleague, Dr. Kofi Anani of the Global Network for Peace and Poverty Alleviation, are working to intellectualize indigenous African knowledge towards rural poverty alleviation, with modern information and communication technologies as facilitating tools.


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