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Committee of the Board on Conflicts of Interest

On 3 February the Board voted to dissolve this Committee and move the responsibilities of the Committee to the Board Governance Committee. See resolution 7 - 3 February 2009 Special Meeting of the ICANN Board.

Steve Goldstein        
Steve Goldstein
Chair [biography]
Demi Getschko David Wodelet      

Demi Getschko
Member [biography]

David Wodelet
Member [biography]


The Committee of the Board on Conflicts of Interest is charged with implementing ICANN's Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Background. The ICANN Bylaws require that ICANN have a conflicts of interest policy applicable to the Board of Directors. The basic elements of that policy are set forth in the Bylaws, and have been elaborated in the Conflicts of Interest Policy. The Bylaws provision follows:

"The Board, through a committee designated for that purpose, shall require a statement from each Director not less frequently than once a year setting forth all business and other affiliations which relate in any way to the business and other affiliations of the Corporation. Each Director shall be responsible for disclosing to the Corporation any matter that could reasonably be considered to make such Director an 'interested director' within the meaning of Section 5233 of the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law ("CNPBCL"). In addition, each Director shall disclose to the Corporation any relationship or other factor that could reasonably be considered to cause the Director to be considered to be an 'interested person' within the meaning of Section 5227 of the CNPBCL. The Board shall adopt policies specifically addressing Director, Officer and Supporting Organization conflicts of interest. No Director shall vote on any matter in which he or she has a material and direct interest that will be affected by the outcome of the vote." [Bylaws, Art. V, Sec. 7]

After public notice and comment, the Board adopted the Conflicts of Interest Policy on March 4, 1999.

Members of the Committee. The Conflicts Committee currently consists of Demi Getschko (Chair), Steve Goldstein, and David Wodelet.

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