ccNSO Assistance Group: Preliminary Recommendation on ccNSO Membership

10 December 2002

ccNSO Assistance Group
Preliminary Recommendation on ccNSO Membership
(For Comment and Feedback)

10 December 2002

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Consistent with the 29 October 2002 ccNSO Assistance Group Communiqué, the Assistance Group has prepared its preliminary recommendation on Membership. The Assistance Group requests feedback within the coming two weeks (until 24 December 2002) for comments to be given utmost consideration. The preliminary recommendation on Membership can be found in Annex A. The ccNSO Assistance Group will consider feedback received on this preliminary recommendation and its effect on other recommendations.

The posting of the preliminary recommendation on Membership is the third preliminary recommendation for the five issue areas that make up the Assistance Groupís work-plan (i.e. to come up with recommendations on five category areas identified out of the Blueprint, namely scope of the ccNSO as a global policy-development body; process of policy development in the ccNSO; ccNSO membership; structure of the ccNSO; ccNSO Council).

The preliminary thinking on scope was posted on 22 October 2002, and the ccNSO Assistance Group met with the ccTLD constituency on 28 October 2002 to receive input on its thinking. The Assistance Group received general support for its proposed methodology for defining scope and based on this it will solidify its recommendation.
The preliminary recommendation was posted on 11 November, with a clarification posted on 29 November.

The ccNSO Assistance Group will over the next weeks be issuing its preliminary recommendations on the two remaining areas of its work-plan: structure of the ccNSO and ccNSO Council.

As stated in its Communiqué, after the ccNSO Assistance Group has issued and received feedback on all of its preliminary recommendations, it will, following consideration of comments and their effect on other recommendations, compile the recommendations and provide them to the ERC. The ccNSO Assistance Group is extremely conscious of ensuring that it provides its recommendations in a prudent, timely, and efficient manner.

Annex A
Preliminary Recommendations on ccNSO Membership

ccNSO Membership

1. Entitlement to membership: membership of the ccNSO shall be ccTLD registries as represented by their Managers or such other persons as they shall appoint in writing to represent them.

2. ccNSO Membership Fee: the ccNSO may establish a membership fee to assist in covering the costs of operating the ccNSO.

3. Policy: Policies that

a. have been developed through the ccNSO policy-development process; and

b. have been recommended as such by the ccNSO to the Board of ICANN; and

c. are adopted by the Board of ICANN as policies;

shall be binding upon ccTLD registries who are members of the ccNSO provided that such policies shall not conflict with the law applicable to the ccTLD Registry which shall, at all times, remain paramount.


"ccTLD registry" means a Country Code Top Level Domain registry being a registry of domain names having two characters as defined by RFC 1591.

"ccTLD registry manager" or "Manager" means the person or organization responsible for managing the ccTLD registry, as evidenced by their entry in the IANA database. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of the Manager, this needs to be resolved before the ccTLD registry can become a member of the ccNSO.

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