ccNSO Assistance Group: Clarification of Issues Arising from Feedback on PDP

29 November 2002

ccNSO Assistance Group
Clarification of Issues Arising from Feedback on PDP
29 November 2002

Based on the feedback it has receied on its Preliminary Recommendation on Policy-Development Process (PDP) for the ccNSO, there are two aspects of the preliminary recommendation that the ccNSO Assistance Group wishes to clarify, and on which it solicits comments:

1. Supermajority – The Assistance Group's preliminary discussions had set a supermajority of the ccNSO Council as being 66% (i.e. the same as a supermajority of the ICANN Board). Unfortunately, this definition did not get placed in the draft PDP that was posted for comment.

We would welcome feedback on whether 66% is perceived as a suitable level for declaring a supermajority together with any alternative suggestions.

2. Clause 13 – Board Vote – Some people have interpreted this clause to mean that at the end of the recommendation submission process the ICANN Board can ignore the Supplementary Recommendation of the ccNSO and create its own policy.

This is not what the Assistance Group intends to recommend.

The ultimate position if the Board does not accept the ccNSO recommendation is that no policy is made. In other words, if the ccNSO makes a recommendation and, after following the process, a supermajority of the ICANN Board still believes that the policy is not in the best interests of the ICANN community or ICANN then the status quo is maintained and no new policy is recommended.

We would welcome further feedback on this.

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